Winter is here and that means freezing temperatures, icy roads, and plenty of snow to slick up the streets. We’re currently in the thick of it, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help educate and protect other drives from needing to call a Denver car accident attorney to represent them in a car accident case. If you plan on driving anywhere in, or near, Denver, follow these tips.

Drive slowly – Many Denver car accidents can be avoided if drivers ease off the gas pedal. The faster you go, especially with snowy, or icy, roads, the less control you have over your vehicle.

Make sure your tires are ready – Make sure your tires aren’t “bologna skins” as they are sometimes referred to when they lose all of their tread. Also, make sure they are properly inflated to handle the cold weather and precipitation.

Check fluids – Make sure all your fluids are filled to avoid any freezing and catastrophic consequences.

Warm your car up – If you want your car to run well for years to come, let it warm up in the colder months. You can ruin your engine by driving immediately after starting if your car sat outside in freezing temperatures for hours.

Stay off your phone – Black ice is near impossible to see. It’s absolutely impossible to see if you’re staring at your phone instead of the road.

Brush off your car – This one isn’t just for your own visibility, but other drivers as well. When you don’t clear snow off of your car’s roof, it can – and likely will – blow off as you begin driving and hitting the windshield of a driver behind you.

Keep your gas above 1/2 – You may have heard this one before, but by keeping your gas tank above 1/2, you mitigate the chances of a gas line freeze and your car stalling in the morning.

Avoid driving if you can – The safest way to avoid a winter collision and needing a Denver car accident attorney is to minimize your driving. We understand that this is easier said than done, but if you can stay off the roads, especially during, or shortly after a snowstorm, it’s the best option.

Winter can be a wonderful time as the city is blanketed in white fluffy snow and we huddle in our homes to warm up, but it can quickly turn dangerous if you are unprepared when you sit behind the wheel and head out onto the frozen roads. If you find yourself involved in a collision, call our offices to speak with a Denver car accident attorney immediately to protect your rights.