A Denver dispensary is in the headlines last momth due to a recall of pre-rolled joints that contain mold and/or yeast which can make smokers sick if they use them. The recall comes as the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) caught the mold and as a means to avoid any legal battles with Denver personal injury attorneys representing victims. Had they not issued the recall and gone about their day, it’s likely that the business’s profits would have gone up in smoke.

A customer of Universal Herbs, the dispensary in question, filed a complaint with the DDPHE regarding a cultivation of the dispensary. Following the complaint, the DDPHE launched and investigation and tested their products before finding that the joints of a strain called Blue Cookies were positive for mold. Universal Herbs responded to the recall noting that they take it seriously and that they had never had any problem of this nature before. They went on to note that all of their products aside from the recalled joints were safe for consumption. Interesting, a previous investigation by the DDPHE found that mold was growing on an expired edible product in April 2018 that the dispensary failed to remove from their shelves.

Universal Herbs is not the first Denver dispensary to have customer complaints set to the DDPHE regarding mold in marijuana products. Since 2017, 20+ dispensaries have tested positive for mold and have needed to issue recalls. Typically recalls are based around pesticides being in the products, but this new trend should act as a wakeup call to Denver dispensaries to constantly check their stock to ensure their patrons’ good health and to avoid lawsuits from Denver personal injury attorneys. As it stands, customers who have Blue Cookies pre-rolled joints from Universal Herbs are urged to dispose of them to avoid health complications.

When selecting a dispensary to shop at, research them first to ensure there haven’t been any health complaints so you can avoid falling ill. Sadly, there will be times when you get sick due to the negligence of a business selling less-than-fresh wares and you may find yourself in need of a Denver personal injury attorney. If you believe you were the victim of food or supplement quality negligence, contact us today to learn more about your rights and what actions you can take.