After what has felt like forever, Denver is beginning to slowly reopen. Months spent in quarantine and shelter in place are beginning to lift as the summer sets into full swing, and Denver residents couldn’t be happier to get back to what once was a normal life. Though the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, the numbers have begun to dip in Denver, and Colorado as a whole, meaning that stores, bars, and restaurants can now welcome guests again. There are still detailed and advanced safety guidelines that these businesses need to abide by in order to operate, but it’s an easy hurdle to overcome after months of lost business and minimal income.

Restaurants were able to stay afloat by offering pick-up and delivery options, but bars and stores found themselves with tougher times as social distancing was practiced. Restaurants and bars have had a bit of a leg up on other stores, having been open for a few weeks at this point, accommodating guests with outdoor seating as the tables are spaced out six feet apart from each other. Now, other stores and business are catching up; if you’ve been in need of a haircut, now’s the time to go.

Since the slow reopening began, Denver has been fortunate to not see any spikes in confirmed cases. Politico credits this to a youthful Denver population that adheres to wearing masks while in public and near others, as well as social distancing to curb any further spread of the coronavirus. Looking at the data of other cities and states, Denver (and Colorado as a whole) residents should be ecstatic at our response to the pandemic.

Currently, Los Angeles is seeing a massive rise in confirmed cases after only a few short weeks of a soft reopening. People flooded the beaches, bars, and restaurants without wearing their masks, or properly social distancing. As a result, the city and other counties have had to reissue a shutdown. Other states are in similar standing, including Utah, Arizona, and Florida. Florida, Arizona, and Texas are also facing a second wave of shutdowns as bars, gyms, and other businesses shutter their doors. If you’ve been on social media, you’ve likely seen a few people losing their cool over the wearing of masks and the subsequent second shutdown as cases surge.

We’re excited to see a sense of normalcy returning to our city and are eager to see how things progress as we march through the summer months. We are planning for potential rifts to arise as stresses are still at an all-time high, though we hope that altercations don’t break out, thereby requiring the needs for a Denver personal injury lawyer. However, if you, or loved ones, are ever in need of a personal injury lawyer in Denver, don’t hesitate to call our offices. We’re here to help you by protecting your rights and earning you the financial compensation you deserve. Stay safe if you choose to visit restaurants, businesses, and bars to help stop the spread of the virus so life can continue on.