Summer is upon us and one of the biggest holidays of the year, the 4th of July, is right around the corner. We can’t think of a better summer activity than having some delicious food fresh and hot off the grill while we celebrate our independence and history as a country. Across the US, plenty of people will be firing up their grills for burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and a myriad of other foods to celebrate with their families.

Despite social distancing guidelines, we’re sure that people are going to congregate at someone’s house for the event. While this isn’t the wisest decision, people will do it anyway. We ask that if you do, that you try to stay six feet apart and wear face coverings. Additionally, as you’d expect, people are going to have alcoholic drinks as they relax and enjoy the holiday. Some might say that nothing goes better with a burger on a hot day in the middle of July like a cold beer. Some might opt for wine, rose, or a cocktail – your choice really, just remember to be safe.

Speaking of safety, the police are also well aware that the 4th of July is a popular holiday to celebrate and end up having a few too many beers. What we, other drivers, and the police hope is that people are smart enough to not get behind the wheel after a long day of drinking and celebrating. Sadly, as you’re likely aware, and every Denver DUI lawyer is aware, people are going to make the wrong choices.

Police often set up DUI checkpoints on the roads to catch people who have been celebrating a little too hard and keep them from injuring any unsuspecting victims, or causing an accident. There are tons of reports of fatal crashes linked to DUIs, particularly on the 4th of July.

If you plan to celebrate with some drinks, which you are free to do (assuming you’re over 21 years old), we ask that you absolutely do not get behind the wheel afterwards and to ensure that you are sober. Nothing ruins the holiday like a car crash.

If you choose to break quarantine, such as by heading to your parents’ home and have discussed the risks, you should make plans to stay over wherever you are going in the event that you do become moderately to severely intoxicated. Your other option is to have a designated driver in place who will not drink so that you can get to and from your destinations safely and without earning a DUI.

A helpful tip is to wait 30 minutes after your last drink to feel and understand the alcohol’s full effect on your system.

As the 4th of July comes up, please celebrate responsibly and safely and do your part to reduce the number of DUIs, accidents, and fatal crashes this year. If you have any questions about DUIs, don’t hesitate to call our offices for more information.